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Dr. Debra Peppers

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"From Troubled Teen to Teacher of the Year" was the headline when Dr. Debra Peppers was inducted into the National Teachers’ Hall of Fame where only five outstanding teachers annually are selected nationally for this honor. Before Christ, as a troubled teen, Debra was a 250-lb. high school dropout who experimented with alcohol and drugs, ran away from home, attempted suicide and could have "fallen through the cracks." But with the love of her parents, the encouragement of a special teacher, and her eventual faith in Christ, her life was turned around radically. Having lost 100 pounds, then receiving a BA in English, an MA in Education and a Ph.D. in Communication, Dr. Peppers now inspires audiences all over the world. Having traveled in all 50 states and 60 countries, Debra loves to share her faith as she incorporates her own personal story of her surrender to God’s plan for her life, and how He allowed her to become an award-winning educator, author, speaker, university instructor, ten year host of a daily 3-hour Christian radio program, and weekly Christian television talk show host. Her heart’s desire now is to spread God's Word through Salt and Light Ministry, founded with her husband of 35 years, Bud Peppers. Their mission is to minister to the body of Christ, comfort those who hurt, and to supply the needs of those who are struggling.

For three years Dr. Peppers has been the weekly host of The Outreach Connection on CTN Christian Television Network’s WTJR-TV,  in the Tri-State area out of Quincy IL.  She also co-hosts with Mike Dunn on KJSL Radio’s Quest for Character, in St. Louis at 8PM Tuesdays when she is not traveling. As both a secular and Christian professional speaker Dr. Peppers travels nationally and internationally speaking to thousands of churches, schools, businesses, and community organizations. From a one room school in Africa to key-noting at the Crystal Cathedral, Debra is grateful that her Savior, Jesus Christ, gave her the 2 Corinthians 5:17 new life so she can now share though speaking, missions work, prison ministry and as a part of the Prayer Force at Twin Rivers Worship Center in St. Louis, MO.